Mi Casa Ideal

27 Jan

¡Hola! Lo siento que no te he escrito desde diciembre. He sido muy ocupado en las meses pasadas. Aquí es una lección para los estudiantes al nivel colegio. Es una lección usando el tiempo condicional para describir lo que sería su casa ideal. En mi opinion, los estudiantes les gusta mucho esta actividad porque pueden ser creativos y expresivos. ¡Que disfrute!

Mi Casa Ideal

1. For this project, I want to know what your ideal house would look like. Write ten or more sentences describing your house. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • How many rooms would your house have?
  • Where would it be located?
  • What color would it be?
  • Would it be large or small?
  • What type of rooms would it have?
  • Who would live there?
  • Would you have any pets?

Do not use the same verb (for example: ser) for each of these sentences.

2. The second step in this project is to visually represent your dream home. You may use a poster board to create a collage, painting, drawing, etc. or create your dream home online using house design programs. Be sure that your dream home reflects what you have written in your description.

3. When you have finished the description and visual representation, you will present your dream home to the class. Please memorize the qualities of your house so you are not just reading your paper.

4. Get creative!


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