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Mi Vida Loca

15 Nov

Mi Vida Loca

This site has a great miniseries called “Mi Vida Loca”. Here’s a quick synopsis of the story: You travel to Madrid to meet up with your friend, Theresa, however she can’t make it and leaves you the keys to her flat. When you get there, you realize that her sister, Merche, is living there and she becomes your impromptu host. You soon realize that Merche is a journalist, investigating some pretty intimidating people. Your relaxing holiday quickly turns into a mystery to figure out what Merche is investigating and following her around Spain.


This series shows a LOT about Spanish culture and takes you to Madrid, the countryside, and the canary islands. There are also print outs for vocabulary to practice with your students, and the series pauses so the students can practice what they have learned in each scenario. It’s a really great series, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that teaches Spanish!