My Webliography

27 Nov

This is a list of the top 10 sites I use in my everyday teaching. I hope you find it helpful. If anyone else knows of any sites that I may have overlooked, feel free to add them in a comment! New ideas are always welcomed/appreciated.

  1. Spanish Dictionary

I use this website all the time! It is a quick and simple way to look up a word or two. I also like that they offer a “word of the day” There are also translation tools, conjugation videos and Spanish audio. Great tool for all students!

      2. Teachers pay Teachers

This is a good place to find worksheets, powerpoints and fun activities for your students. Even if you don’t pay for the materials, just browsing the items on here is pretty inspiring. You also have the option to upload your own materials to share with other educators.

  1. National Geographic

This site can be used for ANY content area! I love this site/magazine for so many reasons, but one of them specifically for my class is that they have a travel section that I can use for any country/city we are studying to show my students all the fun stuff these places offer!

  1. YouTube

YouTube has a lot of great educational videos on here (and they are also pretty fun to watch). It’s so nice that we essentially have a giant library of videos we can easily share with others. I just used a great video on here about the Aztec city of Teotihuacan.

  1. TeacherTube

Similar to YouTube, Teacher tube offers a multitude of educational videos that are just a click away. The nice thing about this site is that it’s definitely more educational than YouTube, and a lot of schools that have YouTube blocked actually have this site open for teachers.

  1. Study Spanish

This is an awesome site for refreshing your memory on different grammar topics. I like this because they have worksheets, quizzes and tests that can be taken either online or actually printed out. They also have very clear explanations of the more confusing topics.

  1. Powerpoints for Spanish Class

This is nice for when I need a powerpoint and don’t have time to sit and make my own. He has uploaded so many different powerpoints for several topics. 

  1. Calico Spanish

This is a blog dedicated to finding good resources for incorporating games in the Spanish Classroom. I find inspiration in these sites that help me develop my own lessons that I know will work for my classes.

  1. People en Español

My students use this website to complete their assignments of creating a news program. It works well because it’s celebrities they actually know and care about.

  1. Smart Exchange

A nice site that has several lessons/ideas for incorporating your SmartBoard in lesson plans. I used this to find a good template for Jeopardy that my students love! It actually looks like Jeopardy and you can put the clue right up there. It works really well.


Alba Learning/ Audio Books

27 Nov

Alba Learning/ Audio Books

This is a great site! I went specifically in search  for Pablo Neruda materials, but they have a lot of great stuff on here. I like that they have a native speaker read it- it sounds beautiful and it gives students the opportunity to hear different accents! Check it out and let me know what you think!

My First Blog!

14 Nov

This is my first attempt at a blog! I was assigned to make this for a class, and figured I could make one that would be practical for my life. I am currently a Spanish teacher in Upstate New York, so I will be searching the web for all the cool and interesting stuff I can find related to español!